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Worldwide, millions of hectares of forest are cleared every year, affecting the environment and contributing to global warming. Tropical forests in the some of  the poorest region are most affected by this deforestation.


Some of  the effects of deforestation are:

Climate change: Plants and trees store carbon in their roots and branches. This carbon is absorbed from the carbon dioxide in atmosphere by photosynthesis. When the trees are cut and left to decay or burned, the carbon is released back into the atmosphere. This contributes to 20% of the carbon emissions worldwide, resulting in climate change.


Oxygen production: The Amazonian Rain forests produce about 20% of the oxygen in the world. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen during the photosynthesis process. Unlike carbon dioxide, oxygen does not contribute or play any role in global warming.


Some attempts have been made to regain the lost forests, by replanting.  However, tropical forests , contain millions of species of  plants, which can never be fully replaced.

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